President Poem

He was born in 1830 in North Fairfield, Vermont

He died in New York, New York

Everybody called him elegent  Arthur

Elected in 1881

Chester A. Arthur

Lawyer, President – U.S

He was the 21st president

Arthur was the 2nd son of Malvina

He was loyal and hardworking man president


When i look back from 2013, I remember that I got to see my uncle Matt. He had been out of town for a very long time. He came to my papas house to have Christmas and when I saw him i jumped up and down. Another thing I remember is that I got a hamster that I have been wanting for a long time. My friends and I named her Lily and she is really crazy and bites a lot. Then another is that my family and I were in a really bad wreck. My stepdad had a concusion and got taken to the hospital by the ambulence. He had been feeling dizzy and weird. It was really hard watching him leave but my moms friend an us all followed him. When we got there I was crying like a baby because I hate hospitals.  After a little while I was thinking that if  I got hurt that I would have to go there. Lets look at my goes for the future in 2014 my 1st goal is that I want to pass all my tests to go to 6th and be with all my friends. Another goal is that I want to go to my uncles more often because he is out of town a lot. One thing  I would like to stop doing is having an attitude toward teachers and parents. I need to learn to stop jumping off the trampoline because I might break a bone or two. I would like to read or finish reading is Mocking Jay, Hard Luck, The third wheel, Harry Potter set of books                            

Decenber 7 1941

Pearl Harbor

President Roosevelt called the day  infamy.

Edmin Joseph Hill was a hero of the day.

Attended on December 7, 1941.

Remember Mervlyn Beannion.

Lost many of our service men.

Hawaii had the Pearl Harbor.

Attack started at 9:00 Eastern our time.

Relatives still remember the day this happened.

Battleships that sunk were the Arizona, Oklahoma, California, and West Virginia.

Our country got attacked by the Japaneese.

Remember everybody in Memorial.

My stepdad was in the Airforce   for 4 years total and was staioned at Cannon Airforce base.  Also, temporary deployed at Spain, Japan, Italy, Saudiariba, Iceland, Iraland. His job was to munitionis load his crew members loaded and maintained the weapon system on F16’s. He enjoyed it and had a lot of fun!

(His age 17 and ended at 21) 1997—2001

Henry hudson

Henry Hudson

June 1611

Explorer Gazette

In 1610  a  man  named  Henry Hudson.  The country England  hired him  Henry to find the Northwest Passage.  Mr. Hudson sailed to the Northern side of Canada in a ship called “Discovery”.  He was pretty sure that he found the Northwest Passage when he discovered 450 mile long passageway.  The passageway later caleed Hudson strait, led to a large bay, which is now called the Hudson Bay.  Mr. Hudson kept searching the shoresof the bay.  Also in June of 1611, when the weather warmed up and he set sailed.  His crew thought Mr. Hudson was sailing back home to England, but they soon realized he was sailing west to continue searching for the Northwest Passage.  He wanted desprently to go home because the angry crew put Henry, his son,and seven loyal crew men got into a small boat with no oars and left them in the bay. Other people and him in the boat were never heard or saw them again. ( I think that he got on nicer boat and then the people hated him so they through him off and he died in the ugly sea.)